We’re late, we know. but here’s the thing: issue 20 was massive and we thought that you’d need time to fully digest it plus a bit of extra time to shit it out. Well that’s the official statement, however, the truth is it’s been summer and we’ve been having fun. Fuck this poetry bollocks when there’s weed to smoke and beer to drink and bands to go mental to, so ladies and gentlemen and poetry whores welcome to issue 21, now print it out, roll it up, and stick it in as many orifices as possible. Flick the switch, turn the page: let’s go…



Shop Girls -1- P.A.Levy
she blues (blue for a boy) -2- P.A.Levy
iCandy -3- iDrew
You Said I Was Your Venus -4- Charlotte De’Ath
The Art of Betrayal -5- P.A.Levy
iFruity -6- iDrew
She Wants -7- P.A.Levy
An English Kid’s Domain Is
His Bouncy Castle
-8- Charlotte De’Ath
iBlake -9- iDrew
Sat-Nav Girl -10- P.A.Levy