OK tyger
take it easy
we’ve only just met
a goodnight kiss is the best
you’re gonna get

i’m really not the sort of girl
to take you upstairs on
a horny whim
but wow
my legs feel woolly and my head’s
all in a spin
that was some hot kiss

stop looking at me with
those come to bed eyes
don’t smile
the distant deeps of stars there’
s a furnace burning bright inside

my heart is beating like
a hammer on the anvil
i so dread where your hand
will next carress
for there’s a symmetry in our fires
that makes you so impossible
to resist

oh tyger
i give in
take me ravenge me
savage me
for one bright night
i’ll pretend to be easy



©2009 iDrew
First published 2012 by Black Mirror (magazine closed)